April 2016

Diabetes And Your Dog

Now a days cases of diabetes has become frequent in the canine world. We all have heard about human diabetes but now a days Vets are noticing and registering alarming cases of diabetes especially in dogs. 1. What is Diabetes?… Continue Reading →

Sites for Blood Collection in Dogs©

Sites of Blood Collection… As shown in the figure, the major sites of blood collection in your pet is jugular vein, cephalic vein and saphenous vein. Depending on certain cases like, if you need large quantity of samples, then collection… Continue Reading →

Holding you pet during sample collection & medication©

Holding a pet during the quick process… Proper restraining of the pet is very important during blood collection techniques for painless procedure and to get an adequate quantity of blood samples for diagnostic tests. Gentle but firm and empathetic handling… Continue Reading →

How is Blood Samples collected from your Pet©

Blood sample collection is the very first step of laboratory test to diagnose the health of your pet. Whether the blood samples are collected for a normal health checkup or to detect any specific illness, the method of sample collection… Continue Reading →