Holding a pet during the quick process…

Proper restraining of the pet is very important during blood collection techniques for painless procedure and to get an adequate quantity of blood samples for diagnostic tests. Gentle but firm and empathetic handling is necessary while collecting the blood under the supervision of veterinarian or trained technicians at clinics or home. While collecting the blood, dog needs to restrain on a table with one arm around its neck. The other hand is then free to restrain the body if necessary or to occlude the vein for the vet/ technician with the syringe as described below:

If your pet is furious and hyperactive, it is better to use a good fitting muzzle. One can also try with the home made muzzle which could be a soft but strong thick thread tied around the mouth as directed in the fig 2.

Please note in an extreme stressed situation your pet bloods also gets effected due to release of some hormones and hence the samples might not be a perfect samples for carrying out a blood test.

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